Local Branches

ICDLN Local Branches

The goal of the ICDLN is to be a grass roots organisation. To this end, it shall guide and support the set-up of local branches for Catholic doctors from all disciplines, to come together in their local area for the purpose of education, networking and collegiate support.

The ICDLN will facilitate communications from the National Council out to individual members and associates across the country. It will also facilitate dissemination of local information back to the National Council as required.

Each Local Branch will have a President who will coordinate membership activities in their area. Branches should also have a Treasurer and other officers as required.

It is recognised that the roles of ICDLN Local Branches may change over time as the Learning Network grows and develops. This will be reviewed and addressed on an ongoing basis with Local Branch Presidents informing, driving and engaging in any change process.

The vitality of the Local Branch is the critical factor for successful delivery of the Learning Network’s aims and objectives over time.

Local Branches will be self-funding and the National Council will take no responsibility for their liabilities. Each Local Branch shall have its own chaplain and the permission of their local Bishop. Each local branch will hold at least one Eucharist Celebration per year. Their chaplain will play an active role and give spiritual input as required.

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