St Charles of Mount Argos

Why St. Charles of Mount Argus?

Our organisation has been slowly developing over the past two years. In essence, the first crucial meetings took place in the Church of Mount Argus beside the tomb of St. Charles. He is the only canonized saint whose remains are actually buried in Ireland. From those early days when the organisation was little more than a vague collection of undeveloped thoughts and throughout the many months when we debated what we might be, what we might do, how we might grow, St. Charles has been a constant presence. Quietly dominating our background. We could choose no other.

On reflection, he was an inspired choice. It was for his gift of healing the sick that he has been most clearly remembered. As many as three hundred people a day came to be blessed by him – in a city with a population of only a quarter of a million in 1857. Indeed, such was his fame that some medical doctors in Dublin claimed, a claim which they later withdrew, that he discouraged people from going to see their doctor!

St. Charles of Mount Argus spent his life bringing the Good News to the poor and healing the broken-hearted. He sought to see the presence of Christ crucified in those who suffer. Who better to guide our organisation and membership of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals trying to bring the best care possible to our patients today?

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