Rev. Dr Padraig Corkery

Padraig Corkery is a priest of the Diocese of Cork & Ross, where he was ordained in 1981. He obtained a BSc from UCC and an STB from the Gregorian University, Rome. His graduate studies took place at Maynooth (STL) and the Catholic University of America (STD). Fr Corkery is a lecturer in Moral Theology, Pontifical University, Maynooth (1998 - present). He was a member of the Irish Commision for Jsutice and Peace ( 1993-2001), Chairman (1997-2001); and is a memeber of the Irish Association of Teachers of Moral Theology 1998- present. He was Dean of the Faculty of Theology from 2009 to 2015.

Research Interests:

Contemporary issues in bioethics.

Catholic social teaching.

Select Publications

‘Ecology as a Moral Issue: An Ongoing Journey’ in Enda McDonagh (ed),

Performing the Word, Columba Press, 2014

Bioethics and the Catholic Moral Tradition, Dublin, Veritas, 2010

‘The Challenge to Re-imagine the Goals and Ethos of Economic Activity?’, Doctrine and Life 58 (2008): 4–10

‘Beyond the Terri Schiavo Case’, The Furrow 59 (2008): 67–76

‘Bio-ethics and contemporary Irish moral discourse’ in Amelia Fleming (ed.),

Contemporary Irish Moral Discourse, Dublin: Columba Press, 2007

‘Reproductive Technologies: An Irish contribution to an international debate.’ The Furrow 56 (2005): 353–7

‘The Use of Embryonic Stem Cells’, The Furrow 53 (2002):24–34

Current Research

The contribution of Pope John Paul II and the CDF to the debate surrounding the provision of nutrition/hydration to persons in a PVS


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